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Amy Tibbals amy@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com 801.867.2343 Amy Tibbals is very personally connected to the COLLECTIVE. Her contribution runs left of the mainline; our singular weakness happens to find balance in her strength. An English degree lends a scrap of credibility, but her talent lies in marking up a paper until it bleeds with red. Such tendencies have led her to a position as our comprehensive copy editor, brand manager, and website admin. In spare times, she lobbies heavily against the use of such terms as ‘irregardless’ and ‘ginormous’. For a day's pay, she dolls up every last word we send into the world. In effect, she does for our content what we do for your space.
Amy Tibbals

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SLCFF, Part II | Save Yourself…

SLCFF, Part II: Save Yourself for Mormon Spring Break We plan to enthusiastically attend the Salt Lake City Film Festival — the line-up is impressive, to be modest. But we’re most delighted about one film, in particular:  for our money, you’ll find us COLLECTIVELY


SLCFF, Part I | Go to There

Salt Lake City Film Festival, Part I:  Go to There Four years ago, a couple of our city’s more magical minds created a film festival. Matt Whittaker and Chris Bradshaw took zero dollars and creative sense, and manifested SLCFF with the intention of celebrating


Brian Patterson | Artistic Bloodline

The possibility of sharing some creative space with Brian brought him to our office. A brilliant gentleman, he arrived with a piece of his work – a gift – and I got to inform him that I purchased some of his genius works a


Follow-Up: Salt Lake [Really] Is Gay

We were sooo right. Phenomenal pride festival for 2012. Great work, SLC. Getting gayer by the minute, praise be to Cher.


Field Notes: Summer Concert Theory

Field Notes: Thoroughly Enjoy Your Music + Your City The warm has come, and Salt Lake is a stellar city for summer, we say. It’s hot, it’s mountain- and lake-adjacent, and there’s a proper sh*tload of festivals, concerts, and activities to choose from. A


Josh Scheuerman | Art Adoption

Josh Scheuerman is a bit of a departure from the common order; a sensational human with priorities precisely where they should be. There should be more like him in the world, truth be told. Josh is warmth personified and humanitarianism defined. He’s also the


Field Notes: Top-Notch Party Tips, Part II

Field Notes:  Throwing an Out-of-Sight, End-of-Summer Party | Part II | Share Your Sh*t Part II covers a basic principle that ought to go a long way with your friends, guests and the neighborhood. Avoid the potential of alienating anyone, and learn to share:


Field Notes: Top-Notch Party Tips, Part I

Field Notes:  Throw an Out-of-Sight, End-of-Summer Party | Part I | Let the Host Be the Host Our end-of-summer Client Appreciation party was smashing…went off without a hitch…had a whale of a time…room for a thousand successful-party cliches. We have our reasons for this;


Local Profile | Jason Olsen

This is Jason Olsen — entrepreneur, pilot, traveler, car-enthusiast, lover of Goldschlager, man. I asked him a few questions about his life’s delights and that which makes him tick. We love, looove his local loyalty. Read on. What do you love about each business


Field Notes: It’s Summer. Do Stuff.

It’s simple, really.  Do anything that makes your friends smile, dress-up, laugh, be outside. For me, it was a pool party, but it can likely be done with any of the following: 1. Slip ‘n’ Slide-Show; find a hill, turn up summer music, procure