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Amy Tibbals amy@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Amy Tibbals is very personally connected to the COLLECTIVE. Her contribution runs left of the mainline; our singular weakness happens to find balance in her strength. An English degree lends a scrap of credibility, but her talent lies in marking up a paper until it bleeds with red. Such tendencies have led her to a position as our comprehensive copy editor. In spare times, she lobbies heavily against the use of such terms as ‘irregardless’ and ‘ginormous’. For a day's pay, she reworks and dolls-up every word we send into the world. In effect, she does for our content what we do for your space.
Amy Tibbals

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Brew + ‘Q | We Heart You

You showed. The forecast turned dark, and the massive sheets of bullying rain threatened us, and still you showed up. We all took cover for 20 minutes or so, yes…but it strengthened our friendship and our resolve to enjoy. And then–as with all good


Beaux Arts Ball | A Muse Me

Buckle up for Beaux Arts, all. This high-concept costume party was initiated by the students of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts architecture school in France in the 19th century. The first ball asked for “creativity and imagination beyond the scope of tamed human minds,” and the


Greener Grass | The Stockist

A friendly heads-up to those with the desire to look good and keep it local: The Stockist is making a move. The digs are bigger, the storefront darker, and the inventory substantially stretched…it’s good news on all sides; the grass really is greener on


Copper Common | Edison St. Steez

  Imagine our utter surprise and joy at seeing the facade of the fairly-recently refreshed Plum Alley space. Black. Delicious, dark black. Ballsy, for sure…and the best possible decision if Copper Common was to make its mark–immediately–in the 3rd & 3rd area of downtown.


Condo Tour | Fall Line-Up

If we’re looking at things through the doughy lens of a fresh glazed twist, half a dozen is a pretty sweet number. Lucky for those of you in the market for a condo, that’s also the number of units that we’ll put on display


Farm to Glass | On Your Ass

Throughout the month of September, we’re hoping you had the sense to get a Lyft and do some ‘bar hopping’ in the name of delicious, artisinal drinking. Thanks to Salt Lake Magazine, you certainly could have. The Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest has seen


Salt Lake Design Week | 4th Annual

Amen and hallelujah, we say. The Fourth Annual Salt Lake Design Week [hosted by the fabulous AIGA] is on the way, and our sincerest hope is that you’ll be ready to participate in any way you can. There’s something for everyone here: if graphic isn’t


We CELL Homes

Our website is a labor of love, without question. We do our very, very best to keep things running smoothly and looking polished, and all in the name of l-o-v-e. Few small bumps along the way? You betcha. But are the stars aligning on


Today’s Forecast: 88 Degrees…

That’s how we got you last year, remember? We promised you–our clients and friends–a free brew, and you responded to the call. Naturally, then, we assume that a 90-degree September day will have you in a full-out sprint, straight to our parking lot for


CHC + Utah Style & Design

Wella, wella, well. T’was bound to happen, right? cityhomeCOLLECTIVE and Utah Style & Design: two first-rate advocates for good design in our good city, joining forces in the spirit of edification and style. We had a feeling it was nigh. Sure, you’ve seen our ads


Lounge Lessons, Pt. I | A Reminder

Back in the day [waaaay back…think 16th century], they called it a “salon”: it’s a gathering, really. A place where like-minded individuals can come together and exchange ideas. An intriguing host [that's us] and an inspiring speaker [read below] would invite some folks over


Fall Is the New Spring

Spring ain’t all that. Actually…spring’s cool. But we’ve got a pretty solid argument for fall, too. It’s our state’s season of overachievement in color-ridden canyons and near-perfect weather, sure, but it’s also a bang-up time to sell your home. In the spirit of full disclosure,