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Amy Tibbals amy@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Amy Tibbals is very personally connected to the COLLECTIVE. Her contribution runs left of the mainline; our singular weakness happens to find balance in her strength. An English degree lends a scrap of credibility, but her talent lies in marking up a paper until it bleeds with red. Such tendencies have led her to a position as our comprehensive copy editor. In spare times, she lobbies heavily against the use of such terms as ‘irregardless’ and ‘ginormous’. For a day's pay, she reworks and dolls-up every word we send into the world. In effect, she does for our content what we do for your space.
Amy Tibbals

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Have a Little Pride

This weekend, folks! Pride weekend is finally upon us, and while we’re always excited to attend/participate, we’re COLLECTIVELY jazzed about a some additional things this time around: 1) Our own involvement in the parade, and 2) A couple of COLLECTIVELY-endorsed DJs’ involvement in some dancey


Pavement-Pounding Party!

As we’re hoping many of you know, we’re willing to rep the LGBTQ community in any way we can all 365 days a year. But we’re pretty jazzed about Utah Pride 2015. The opportunity to gather our gang and ballyhoo down our favorite city’s


Ballet West | Fin de Saison

As lovers of architecture, ballet, and cocktails alike, we were COLLECTIVELY thrilled to attend two amazing Ballet West events this past Saturday. It was a salute to the end of the 2015 ballet season, and a special close to one chapter, in particular; prima


Find Your Space | Vol. Six

FANCY DOESN’T ALWAYS COME WITH A FORK. We’ve mentioned a time or two (or thousand) in the past that we hold a few dictums nearer and dearer than the rest: clean lines, fine design, and supporting local with a die-hard ferocity are of the utmost


Art Adoption | Spring, 2015

We’ve rallied behind this cause a good handful of times by now, but it looks to be something we’ll cheer for infinitely: Art Adoption is–in our COLLECTIVE minds–nothing short of magical. An inspired event hosted by an inspiring fellow. Josh Scheuerman will be ponying


Keepin’ It Glassy

Every now and again, some good is done in the name of modern preservation, and we tingle all over with pride for our city. This is one such occasion. Salt Lake Modern’s spring event will be Keepin’ It Glassy: Sugden’s Legacy Lives On. Oh,


9th & 9th Art Walk

Should be no secret to any who love this site: we’re big, big fans of several of our city’s neighborhoods. Be they tree-lined, walkable as hell, fancy-schmancy, or filthy rich with history and good vibes, we’ve got a good number of great areas, and


The Weekenders | Canvas + Cosmos

Story & Photos by: Jess Downer, Renata Stone We live in the wonderful and terrifying age of online social connection. Our newfound digital entanglement has improved millions of lives in ways both big and small, from renewing that long-lost, high school friendship to catalyzing


Captain Captain | Open House

It’s been a couple years, so we’re all in for a rare treat tomorrow night. Put on your best art-appreciating ensemb and make your way to Captain Captain Studios for an open house. Some of our top-notch local artists will have works (both completed


Find Your Space | Vol. Five

HE BROUGHT THE WINE, WE BROUGHT THE FLOWERS. We fall deeper in love with our salty city every day, and we grow crazier about our clients by the minute, so you can bet that every time we spot one of our Find Your Space ads


CHILL | No, Seriously

COLLECTIVELY, we’re always game for a classic kind of tale. You know, “Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl move to Utah. Boy decides to join local arm of youth improvement program, thereby changing lives through the magic of snowboarding. Boy and


COLLECTIVE Location Agency

At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we wear many a hat; real-estate pork pies, interior design deerstalkers, architectural fezzes, editorial bowlers…it all falls under the CHC umbrella. But for every job we do, it’s done with fervor, and done well. And–since we’re all about “onward and upward”–we’ve decided