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Art Meets Fashion

  • October 9, 2013


    “The AMF goal is simple: connect local art and local fashion with local causes.”

    Folks, we’ve got another tasty happening here, so make a note on your fancy fhartsmones. Art Meets Fashion is taking place on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th, and if you read the sentence up top, you know it’s going to be a good gathering. Over the course of a couple days, those of you wise enough to attend will experience a whirlwind of performance art, runway shows, and some undoubtedly-bangin’ art. Add to that food and bevies from some of our city’s best food and bevvy joints, and you’re sitting so, so pretty.

    Details [like Saturday's rad Masquerade Ball] can be found on the flyers and/or website below. This will obvs be a well-curated, well-attended event, so best to hop on the site and procure your spot now. Best part: 50% of ticket sales and 100% of all auction items will benefit the non-profit Center for Documentary Expression and Art, an organization dedicated to using the tools of documentary work to help Utahns better understand our state’s past and present, and discover our connection to the nation and world. Awesome. Let’s get to art-ing and fashion-ing.

    Art Meets Fashion | Friday, October 11th + Saturday, October 12th | 163 W Pierpont Ave.

    Art-Meets-Fashion-Salt-Lake-Culture-2013-1 Art-Meets-Fashion-Salt-Lake-Culture-2013-2



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