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Art Meets Fashion | Spring ’15

  • May 12, 2015


    We hardly need an excuse to sing the praises of Art Meets Fashion (after all, it’s their mission to “support the artistic community throughout the year with lecture series, documentary and photojournalism projects, on-going creative business support, and culturally engaging events”), but they’ve seen fit to pack this spring’s event with reasons to rave, anyway. This Saturday’s AMF Runway Showcase will feature “a full collection from AMF runway program recipient Davis Hong”, which–with its “precise lines, clean silhouettes and sharp details”–promises to be a showstopper on its own (newsflash: we love them clean lines). Still not sold? The evening also includes a preview of select pieces from our very own COLLECTIVE tall, tattooed drink of water, Mark Seely. As you may recall, Mark won the 2015 AMF Emerging Artist Grant (hell yeah!), but for his full, solo show, you’ll have to wait until Fall. Still another plus: the night marks the International Runway collection premiere from Kinabuti Fashion Initiative (which “creates platforms using fashion as a vehicle to launch various social and creative projects that inspire, empower, and contribute to improving living conditions amongst Nigerian communities through vocation training and new job opportunities”). As if you didn’t have enough reasons to attend this stellar local event (and support stellar local people in the process), the fete is being held at one of our absolute favorite SLC spots–Adib’s Rug Gallery (this space is seriously magical, people). Toss in food, drink, performances by DJ Dr. Siak, Samba Fogo, and more, and you’ve got yourself a real artsy party. All proceeds benefit the new Entrepreneurial Artist Mentor program, so snap ‘em up and prepare to get all inspired-like.

    Art Meets Fashion | Saturday, May 16th, 7:00pm | Adib’s Rug Gallery, 3092 S Highland Dr, 84106

    Purchase tickets here




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