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Art Adoption + Pet Adoption = LOVE

  • May 18, 2016


    You KNOW we’ve sung about this one before, but whatevs…we’ll be singing the praises of this event and its organizer until the proverbial cows come home. Art Adoption is one of those gigs that manages to touch cleanly on much of what we hold so dear here at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE: local people supporting local artists, combined with local businesses and the magic of charity. Just a bunch of really great shit that benefits everyone involved and makes us scream, “Hell yes! Go buy some art!

    Josh Scheuerman, the good guy behind it all, started Art Adoption several years ago in attempt to give artists a way to sell “orphan” pieces in order to make room and continue creating. It’s a pop-up that comes but twice a year. Josh takes no cut for putting it together/hosting…every artist involved gets 95% of that which their work sells for, and there’s no charge to attend. For each adoption, he chooses a cause to which attendees can contribute–be it in the form of canned goods, cash, coats, or otherwise–in addition to the opportunity to purchase local art. This spring’s event will see clothing and food donations going straight to the VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center (so be sure to bring a little something). Obviously, art and locals and beer and charity are solid reasons to join the party, but Saturday’s adoption has one added bit of incentive in the form of pet adoption (Eeee! Animals!). Josh has partnered with CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Society), and everyone in attendance will have the option to take home some art and a pet. And just like that, your space will feel right. Win, win.

    So here’s the skinny: this Saturday (May 21st) at Uinta Brewery, over 30 artists will have goods on display for your perusing and purchasing. CAWS will have some adorable cats and pups to pull at your heartstrings (be prepared to go home with a +1), and Uinta’s new digs will encourage us all to hang out and have a few brews. Details on the flyer below. We think you’d do damn well to get there.

    8th Annual Art Adoption | Saturday, May 21st, 5:00pm to 10:00pm | Uinta Brewery, 1722 S. Fremont Dr.

    Art Adoption - Spring 2016



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