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Spring Art Adoption | Four Corners

  • May 31, 2013


     This guy. We’ve discussed the wonder that is Josh Scheuerman a few times now [just do a search on our site], but since he’s still doing shit that impresses and humbles us, we’re gonna keep plugging. Having raised the funds via Kickstarter to complete his Four Corners Project, friendly Señor Scheuerman has recently returned from all-over-the-map, Utah. Having documented the destructive waste that is plastic in as many places as he can, he’s now looking to kill, like, four or five birds with one stone [no birds will be harmed]. This Saturday, Josh will host the Spring Art Adoption, an event that enables local artists [listed on the flyer below] to find loving homes for their neglected works. Nicely, 100% of proceeds go directly to the artists, thus allowing them to create new stuff. Like in past adoptions, the event welcomes donations in the form of coats, non-perishables, and cash, which will support the Homeless Youth Resource Center, Utah Food Bank, and Utah Art Alliance. If that’s not enough, this is also where Josh will show his collected works [original paintings, Holga images, etc.], as well as the trash collected [literally], from the Four Corners undertaking — the results of which he is hoping will raise awareness about the effects of littering, namely plastic. Adopt amazing art, sip wine, and find a way to do your part in decreasing litter and the excessive use of plastic in our state.

    Spring Art Adoption/Four Corners | Saturday, June 1st

    Utah Art Alliance, SLC Hub, 663 West 100 South | 7pm – 11pm




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