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Andrea & Cody’s Favorites | Columbus Court

  • July 3, 2012


    1.  Mid-Century Modern Sofa. This fetching davenport will be well matched with the clean lines of the Columbus-Court model home. We’re thinking it will land in the master-suite lounge, to be paired with some amazing art. A room with something to say, no doubt.

    2.  Silver Goat Figurine. We’re certainly not looking to design a space that feels as though it was born in a showroom. Nooo, no. We’ll be adding some unexpected touches via our chosen accessories. ‘Collected’ and ‘curated’ are the orders of the day.

    3.  Modern Art. This is a pretty incredible modern take on a classic art piece. Seen through the eyes of a digital camera, the result is stylized and fun. Apropos, we think, for the feel we want to create.

    4.  3D Cabinet. Dimensionality like this will add texture and visual interest to the room it occupies. A good idea to have something so one-of-a-kind in your Columbus-Court living room.

    5.  Brass Lobster. Ornamental, crustacean bauble. Hardly requires explaining.



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