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Lounge Lessons | On Green Building!

  • July 13, 2015


    We’ve been thoroughly delighted with the turn out for our lounge events that have focused on sustainable architecture and design. Clearly, our followers are a forward thinking, design savvy bunch who actually give a damn about the future of our city/state/world, and we’ll continue to COLLECTIVELY support that sentiment however we can. To that end, we’ll be hosting another round of Lounge Lessons this Wednesday (the 15th), and we’re all fingers-crossed that you’ll join us once again for some fascinating fact-spitting in a beautifully-dim space (our lounge, obvi). In all seriousness, friends, the art of green building and architecture is still not nearly as widely practiced as it should be, and we’re eager to champion the pioneers and encourage the curious. Bonus: this will serve as the kick-off event for the USGBC Green Homes Tour! We’ll have local experts presenting case studies on some amazing, sustainably-built homes in SLC (including energy analyst, Billy Giblin, and Jared Campbell, who will chat about his net-positive home–shown below with its incredible ‘solar wall’–that we featured in 2013). Those who join us will see precisely what goes in to building a “green” home…and how that may be more attainable than you think. Oh, and you’ll get the first information release on the Green Homes Tour (happening August 22nd…mark your Ziggy calendar, and we’ll tell you more about it soon). Feel free to bring a bottle or snack to share, and get inspired before you walk through the homes of those putting this magic to practice.

    Lounging Sustainably | Wed., July 15th, Sips at 7:00pm, Speakers at 7:30pm | 645 E South Temple

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