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Property Consultant - 801.386.1039
Joseph Tuenge is out to prove that chivalry is not entirely dead. He's a gentleman's gentleman with intentions to perpetually please, and his ability to see the potential in an otherwise underwhelming situation--or space--is reminiscent of a lionhearted era long since passed. Like a freshly-popped bottle of champ, Joseph is bursting with energy for his craft, and we think you'll find his cup of cordiality runneth over. He's kind, genuine, and a darling representation of our COLLECTIVE quest. Allow Joseph the opportunity to bring you "home," and prepare to fall squarely smitten.
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Laziz | From Lebanon, With Love
Kerri Fukui
Restaurants + Cocktails
Laziz | From Lebanon, With Love
3/18/2017 | Joseph Tuenge
Those who count themselves skilled virtuosos of the cityhomeCOLLECTIVE website have seen these fellas on the pages of said site a few times. We’ve gushed over Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity for a multitude of reasons. The two are exemplary members of the movers, shakers, and ground breakers club,...
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Throwing Shade | Dark Inside
Updates + Love Notes
Throwing Shade | Dark Inside
12/8/2016 | Joseph Tuenge
Our COLLECTIVE worship of space is no secret. And since we air said worship with such frequent public declarations, we needn’t bore you with the details of our multi-faceted love of design or the contentment we find in creating those spaces that so perfectly suit the people inside. Instead, today...
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