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Candace Mau is a mystifying blend of unwavering work ethic, wanderlust, and wide-eyed optimism. Equal parts problem solver, human connector, and friendly collaborator, Candace has aces up both sleeves and a few in her proverbial hat. Nearly a decade in the real-estate game and wielding a broker’s license since 2012, she’s achieved deft status; a doggedly persistent personality coupled with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and geography makes for a readily winning hand. Candace revels in communication and holds dearly the concept of “home”. That permanent smile is authentic, but don’t be fooled--an astute skill for negotiating is the walk to her talk, and she’s ever equal to the extra mile.
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494 E 3600 N, Ogden, 84414 Image


494 E 3600 N, Ogden, 84414 / North Ogden
2.00Garage Spaces
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1871 N 750 W, Clinton, 84015 Image


1871 N 750 W, Clinton, 84015 / Clinton
2.00Garage Spaces
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354 W 930 N, Sunset, UT, 84015 Image
Under Contract


354 W 930 N, Sunset, UT, 84015 / Sunset
1.00Garage Spaces
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Ogden History | 25th Street
Kerri Fukui
Our City + State
Ogden History | 25th Street
10/18/2017 | Candace Mau
We’ve waxed philosophic a’plenty about how beloved we find these briny boulevards to be, but Salt Lake is far from the only spot in this state boastin’ streets worth a shout. One such instance is 25th Street, the city center of our neighbor to the north, Ogden. 
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Life In Your Space | 494 E 3600 N
Kerri Fukui
Locals + Culture
Life In Your Space | 494 E 3600 N
9/21/2017 | Candace Mau
This salty state boasts all manner of killer, eye-catching casas. This lovely little North Ogden number falls squarely within the above category, and when you tack on the oh-so-stunning views (of both the mountain and valley variety), the invitation to swing by for...
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Pat's BBQ | It's the Sauce
Kerri Fukui
Businesses + Events
Pat's BBQ | It's the Sauce
9/14/2017 | Candace Mau
No matter your spot on the map or the time of year, it seems that the mere mention of the word "barbecue" will always incite a wealth of opinions (most of them good, and all of them focused on regional differences and why you are, decidedly, wrong)...
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