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3rd Annual Brew + ‘Q | Save the Date!

  • August 13, 2015


    Oh, already? Rmm Hrmm! It’s time, birds and blokes: ’tis the season for our parking lot shenanigans with the 3rd Annual cityhomeCOLLECTIVE Brew + ‘Q! We’re putting out the word nice and early, so’s you can be sure to save the date, m’kay?

    Details will come as they unravel, but for now we can tell you this much: Friday, September 25th, in the lovely evening hours, we’ll be hosting you all once again for a magic similar to that of Brew + ‘Qs past. Food, yes. Drink, for sure. Ambience, c’mon (who do you think we are?). DJ spinning, most def. Obviously, we aim to make some tweaks that will improve upon the vibe (think raw, moody, N’Awlins-style energy), but mostly we just want to give thanks, as always. It’s the one time of year we invite everyone we know to join us in friendly handshakes, hugs, and toasts, and it’s all free. You just show up with your pals/lover/spouse/kids/co-workers, and have a bite and a sip on us.

    Whip out your phone this instant (like we need to ask), and mark whatever calendar app you deem superior. September 25th, roughly 7:00pm to 10:00pm (confirmation to come on exact times), at 645 E. South Temple. We’re making plans and prepping the lot out back for more of the joy you see in the photos below (from last year’s shindig). Scroll through, let the happy tears run quietly down your cheeks. See you soon.



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