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A Lot to Love | 800 E

  • November 11, 2015


    List Price: Sold

    Neighborhood: Sugar House

    Property Profile: 1,893 sq ft | 2 bed, 1 bath

    Our Opinion: We were charmed the first time this cottage in the city came to market, and now that it’s back with a brand-spankin’-new kitchen, we’re downright smitten. All that made it special is still there: that hotel-suite sized master bedroom, the zen-like bathroom, the backyard big enough for a proper game of Quidditch (mind the bludger). Let’s get back to that cookery for a second, though. An exposed brick wall is accented with open shelving, and the roomy, farm-style sink is enviable, to say the least. A formal dining area and cozy living space (complete with fireplace) make entertaining a casual breeze. There’s also a connection to the outdoors with this home that is as welcome as it is evident. Whether you’re a gardener or a welder, you’ll fall squarely in love the workshop out back. Covered front porch and a walk-out patio…both perfectly suited for a glass of merlot and selections from John Updike (or Danielle Steele, #nojudgement). It’s a real oasis, this one.

    Contact Brian Tripoli at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.809.9804

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