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Homes & Humans | Equal Measure

  • October 21, 2011


    I recently attended a fundraiser simply to support a friend.  It must have been successful, though, because I actually left supporting the cause.

    To put it simply, Design Build BLUFF gets it and, clearly, so do the students who go to build. The organization is best described in their own words:

    “DesignBuildBLUFF is a non-profit organization that builds environmentally-sustainable homes in the Navajo Nation. Our work introduces first-year graduate students in architecture to the culture and history of Utah’s desert southeast, where they design, and ultimately build a home for a Navajo Family. DesignBuildBLUFF seeks to engage its constituents – students, volunteers, staff – in the realization that architecture can provide unparalleled personal enrichment and quality of life. Our projects incorporate salvaged and found materials, modern technologies, and traditional building methods. Calloused hands, engaged minds, and open hearts align with resourcefulness and ingenuity to create a home for some of the last people to expect it.”

    Sounds incredible. The count is on for the next fundraiser. Now we know we should invite our rich friends to come along (wink). In the meantime, keep tabs on upcoming projects by ‘liking’ DBB on facebook here.



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